Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Volunteers Party commission.

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Welcome to a very overdue update on a past caricature booking/commission. Not the fault of the client at all but mine due to being busy with one thing or another. In fact after visiting the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery on Saturday it reminded me that I never got around to updating my website and social media on this fantastic opportunity.

So what am I refering to? Below is a caricature commission featuring the wonderful volunteers who give their free time to volunteer at the many Birmingham Museum sites around the Birmingham area. In December 2016 (yes it’s a few years now… what did I say about being overdue? haha!) the BMAG organised a ‘Thank You Party’ for the volunteers and hired me to produce the below image.

TheArtyOne Caricatures Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery


TheArtyOne Caricatures Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery


It was part drawn at my studio before the event, mostly drawn on the night of the event as I added the party attendees and then finished back at the studio later.

I was then pleasantly surprised when I was told after it would be up in the Museum and Art Gallery for all to see.

Click the video below to see more.





TheArtyOne Caricatures Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery


Here is the plaque next to the picture thanking the volunteers for their time and help.

I am genuinely heartwarmed that I was involved in this and to have my artwork up in the gallery along with other talented artists.

As of this update (16/04/2018) it is still there to see so if you want to drop by the Museum and Art Gallery during the week or at the weekend for a closer look – you can. …and if you take any selfies (like I did below) feel free to share them HERE or HERE.


TheArtyOne Caricatures

Thank you, Becky Fletcher, for this opportunity and for hiring me to do this.

I don’t get to see what happens to the MANY caricatures I have drawn over the years since I started professionally in 2007, so to see this up in the Art Gallery always makes me smile.


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