Christmas is coming…

 …and Mikey is getting tired. 
He’s been so busy he’s drinking Red Bull
and now on his 5th he’s feeling wired.
Yep I’ve been a busy bee and there’s more to do before IT’S CHRIIIIISTMAAAAAAS!!
I did a caricature booking for a corporate event for Airsweb in mid November this year and was asked after if I could do their company Christmas card featuring the 4 managers of the company.
Hey, boys! Have you been good this year? Will Father Christmas fill your stockings with presents or coal?
It’s a bit late now for any more Company Christmas Cards but if you save my website and details in your calendar for September/October next year I can help you add a personal and fun touch to your card for your staff and to your (past, current and potentially future) clients.

For all your caricature, entertainment for parties, weddings, corporate events, promotions and gifts ideas needs drop me a line:
Birmingham, West Midlands based caricaturist

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