So the ceremony was beautiful, the food was amazing and now there’s a point between the wedding breakfast and the disco at the end of the day while people wait for the room to be turned around for the dancing and you think ” need some Wedding Entertainment for my guests”.

What can you do to amuse your guests? Hire a Wedding caricaturist and provide them with amusement and a memento of your special day.

For Wedding Entertainment

This wedding entertainment is ideal as people get warmed up for the disco and is also a big hit with children.

Why not display them on the day/evening for extra fun! Click here to see a few ways people have displayed their wedding caricatures

Advice for booking my services

TIP 1:

People aren’t keen on being drawn while they eat so, if possible, try and avoid the Wedding Breakfast. While I do manage to draw a few people during this time it’s not until their bellies are full of food and alcohol that they start to queue up.

People aren’t keen on being drawn while they eat

TIP 2:

 I will need light to see who I am drawing so if you would like me to draw your guests into the first part of the disco that’s not a problem but either don’t dim the lights too soon or arrange with the venue for some light for me.

TIP 3:

I work best set up in a location where people can come sit for their caricature. Roaming doesn’t suit me due to my height (I’m 6’5″ or around 196cm and towering over people makes it harder to draw them)

I also often get pinned down somewhere (usually uncomfortable) so best to be set up in a way that works for me so I can bang out caricature after caricature. I’m a lean mean caricature drawing machine!

TIP 4:

 Customised Paper. The paper I use for my live drawings can be customised with your names or the venue location and date for no extra cost. I can also use paper of different colours to suit/match your wedding but ask me about this first as I will need to order the paper in especially which I will need to calculate into the over all quote.

For table plans, signing message boards or invites

Signing board with an African theme

Please give me details of what image you would like. It could be just you both, sometimes I’ve done the couple and their child and dog/cats. If you would like a scene please give details of what you have in mind.

A simple signing board


If you are unsure of what you want as the image – then either a vague idea will be a good starting point and I can suggest how it could look to help you shape your idea or send me a few of your happy memories that people you know will remember or understand the reference to and we could start from there.

Please send me details of the wedding date, the venue address and (if you know yet) the times you would require my services via the contact form below to enquire my availability and for prices. If you also want a caricature message board please also mention this below and any idea you have for this.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and providing fun times and amusement for your guests.
– Mikey