Wild thing, bombombom bom bom – you make my face grin!

 …bombombom bom bom, you make EVERYthing – funny! WILD THING!*
It has been a while since an update but I’ve been busy busy busy!
I just wanted to show off some caricatures from when I was at the Birmingham Wildlife Conservatory Park on 9th and 10th of April 2016. I was hoping for the whole of the two weeks of Easter …but guess who got a horrific stomach bug that lasted almost 2 weeks – the day before they were due to start? URGH!
So below are a few of the many people and their favourite animals I caricatured those 2 days.
His favourite animal was a crocodile

Her boyfriend apparently calls her “Monkey feet” so she choose a monkey

His favourite mean bird of the Wildlife park

This lovely lady choose a lion – and it wasn’t until after I realised her hair was kind of like a lion’s mane.

This lovely couple’s favourite animal was their dog. Awww.

I had to Panda to her needs… Ma-har-har!

Ssssweet beard!

I wonder if his animal of choice was a reflection on his personality?
I hope to return to the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park very soon – so maybe I’ll see you there.
– Mikey
*Good job you can’t hear my awful singing

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