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I attended a convention for software at the ICC in Birmingham on 27 & 28 November and another on 4 & 5 December 2017 and was drawing caricatures at the Excel4Apps stand helping to entertain and pull in potential clients as well as amusing existing clients.

Below are a few examples that were shared on twitter as part of their on the day promotion.


Caricatures at your stand is a great promotional tool to use to get your product or service attention. I can brand my paper so when they put it up at work they are always reminded of your product/service.

In this case it was just a logo but you can also add your contact details so it’s a fun but easy reference to contact you.

You could also theme the boarder of the paper to reflect your company a little more.

I can also do smaller postcard size caricatures which you can double up as a business card.


Drop me a line if you have an expo, exhibition or conference that seems some unique promotion. Corporate caricatures are a great way to promote.








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