Gallagher Awards Night Caricature Entertainment

Hola Hello and thank you for dropping by for some more corporate caricature fun! This time is was at the Gallagher company Awards night at the Village Hotel in Dudley.

What a lively night with so many wonderful faces to draw and caricature and many plesant people to interact with. I feel I was losing my voice that night and with the music and the band playing it was hard to talk to my “muses/models” but I did find out my “drawing face” is a bit scary as I frown as I concentrate. Thankfully the lady who mentioned this was relieved and amused by her caricature… perhaps it was more her nerves than my face haha!

Below are some of the caricatures of the night. These weren’t the awards given out by the way (although it would have been funny to see their faces if these were), just some light entertainment to add to the evening.

If you have an awards night coming up or are treating your staff or colleagues to an evening out and want some light entertainment which doubles up as a memento of the night then please do drop me a line. I could theme the paper free of charge to suit the event and help your staff or colleagues feel special and appreciated in a fun way. I could have a special boarder for each person (depending on how big the event and how many people let’s limit it to 30 people for now) as a personal touch or to include certain phrases they use or things they have done for the company or in the office.

I have been asked to return to a company in Leeds to draw more of their staff in the offices which was fun last time. Look out for that update later in the year.



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