Jenna and Mike’s Wedding

Hola hello!

Here is my latest Caricatures for Wedding Entertainment update. So it was a little bit cold and snowy recently… did you notice? Okay okay… it got bad and even worse for some (let’s hope they’re okay and their lives are returning to normal).

Just when it was close to disappearing I had a caricature booking for Jenna and Mike’s wedding. Through countless delayed and cancelled trains I managed to get to the venue they had booked, which was Hogarths near Dorridge, an hour early and caricature their initially shy yet delightful guests.

Below are only a few of the many caricatures I did on the night.

Caricatures are a fun way to give your guests something to take home and remember your special day with as well as being something entertaining for others to watch. Seeing a person’s caricatured portrait come together amuses and impresses everyone who sees it. Something I often forget to mention to enquiring clients.

First comes the “Err.. I’m confused. What’s that?” followed by “Oh I see it now.” and finally “Oh wow, that’s amazing!“. I hear it over my shoulder from those behind me watching everytime and yet I forgot to mention it. It’s just a shame I don’t have a camera set up to video all this.

Well the snow has gone and… shhh… I think Spring is coming.

Take care and see you at a future event.

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