Corporate Entertainment Caricatures with HCR Law

Hola Hello and thank you for reading my latest update on a corporate entertainment caricatures booking. This one was for HCR Law as part of a Networking and Fund Raising event in beautiful Worcester.

Once the event began I had plenty of people keen to donate some money to sit and get their caricature drawn.



Here I am either eating one of my markers or caressing my beard as I ponder how to draw my next “muse” just off camera.

The former is possible especially if the people sitting for me don’t hold still.
















…and BEHOLD! You are immortalised as a caricature!








“My daughter will love this! I can’t wait to show her.”








Before the event I was asked to draw a few people of the company to have displayed at the event. Afterwards they took this photo to post on Instagram (which I found quite amusing).

There’s a suspicious line up if ever I saw one. I think they are going to need to call their solicitors… oh wait.




“How’s it looking? Do I need another drink before I see the finished picture?”


Cheeky man! You’ll need at least FIVE.






Thank you to Georgia for booking me. Yes that’s her:

It was a great bunch of people and I’d love to visit Worcester again for a caricature booking.

If you have a wedding or party or Corporate Entertainment Caricatures in Worcester do please drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do. It’s a good talking poiont, it’s fun and it’s a fun memento to take away after.

Belated happy birthday, Georgia.



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