Caricature Wedding message signing boards

Hola Hello, and thank you for stopping by latest update on what I’ve been up to and some Caricature Wedding Message Signing Boards.

It’s been a busy summer for me both in the studio and out and about at various caricature bookings, so busy in fact I often forgot to take photos of my “muses” with their caricatures. I have recently rectified this so stay tuned for further updates but in the meantime here’s some updates on some Caricature Wedding Signing Boards…

First we have Elliot and Miriam’s Wedding from June 2018.

When I arrived to entertain their guests it was a lovely summer’s day and everyone was outside and as such so was I. They had commissioned me to draw their caricatures on a Wedding Message Signing Board for guests to leave messages on. It was a part English Part Indian Wedding (notice the subtle outfit change in their reflections). I framed it up and and guests signed away…


Next Joanne and Grant’s Wedding in July 2018.

It was a busy Wedding… as well as myself there was a Magician, Kids entertainers and later the Bride and Groom had different surprises for each other on the day that neither knew about of which one was singing waiters.

Below is their simple message signing board that they commissioned me to draw.


If you’re interested in a Caricature messaging signing board for your wedding or even just as a way for guests at a birthday or office party to say thank you and for you to keep after then please drop me a line with what you have in mind.

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