Bournville Village Festival 2019

Hola Hello …WOWZERS, What a HOT day it was drawing Caricatures at Bournville Village Festival 2019!!! It was my first time in the Arts and Craft tent and it was WARM …but not as intense as it was outside. I am surprised the fire brigade wasn’t called in to put people out. I hope those who attended were well hydrated and dripping in sun cream.

After finishing setting up and the gate was open it wasn’t long until people started requesting a caricature. (In fact I recall a few people in the tent requesting a caricature).

TheArtyOne Caricatures
“Hold that pose and think happy thoughts!”

There were some lovely stall people there and lovely visitors on the day who posed for me (and weren’t scared of my tired zombie face… it’s been a hectic few weeks for me). Below are a few from the day…

It wasn’t just people I caricatured on the day. I had a few pet caricatures as well.

These lovely ladies saw me on the Bournville Village Festival Facebook page post and came to see me for a request of 3 cats and a couple from a photo. (I seemed to of lost the 3 cats photo but I have a photo of the lovely ladies and the caricature of the couple:

A big thank you to all who stopped by to get a caricature at Bournville Village Festival today.
From adults to kids, cats and dogs…

Also a huge kiss and a thank you to my amazing “social media manager” who seems to have been promoted “manager/agent’ and getting me booked into future events and further commission work on the day 😁😎

As always a big thank you to Del for booking me in again.

– Mikey

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