Secret Santa Caricature Gift

Hola Hello and thank you for checking out my Secret Santa Caricature Gift commission.

Yes I’m posting this a little late but I only recently realised I’d not updated my website with work since late last year due to many caricature gigs/bookings being tricky to take photos and upload them and then Christmas and New Year came.

So here I am with a quick commission from before Christmas for someone’s Secret Santa.

Secret Santa Caricature Gift

If you’re looking for a unique Secret Santa gift idea… why not organise with everyone at your work to agree to do Caricature Secret Santa but no-one will know how they will be drawn, what they will be drawn as or doing, then get them to all contact ME to arrange this.

Copy the link to this post and put it in a calendar reminder for closer to Christmas time. People will love the originality of this idea.

It will make for a fun, personal gift idea that can be kept at work as a fun talking point for the next year and beyond.

– Mikey

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