Coronavirus Update for TheArtyOne Caricatures

Hola Hello and I hope you, your family and friends are well and thank you for stopping by to read my Coronavirus Update for TheArtyOne Caricatures.

I wanted to update you on TheArtyOne Caricatures services with regards to the Coronavirus.

As you may already know the Government has issued guidelines with regards to reducing the exposure of the virus and many businesses are closing or people are being told to work from homebor just stay at home.

Bookings for live caricatures at events (Weddings, Parties, Awards Nights, etc)

The new restrictions mean I am unable to attend any bookings for at least 3 weeks. If you have a booking with me in the next month or so then feel free to drop me an email and let me know your situation.

If events need to be postponed please contact me and we can discuss options and availability of rescheduling, although I understand it’s difficult to know when we will all be ready to continue with life as normal.

Commissioned work

As I work from home on commissioned work I am still available to provide this service. As I work part by hand and part via a computer for commissions then anything I produce I send out via a Printer company, who have assured their clients and customers they are business as usual and taking extra measures to keep things clean and virus free.

Take care, share toilet roll and I look forward to meeting you and/or working with you in the coming weeks and months.


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