Caricature Wedding Message Board

Hola Hello and thanks for checking out my recent Caricature Wedding Message Board commission.

This was for a Wedding this July but unfortunately COVID19 has made wedding plans for many people, some of which are my clients, to cancel or postpone plans.
Thankfully these two have arranged it for next year and below is there Caricature Wedding Message Board.

Wedding Signing message board

This makes for a personal and fun way to remember your wedding day and enjoy the thoughts and messages from friends and family from your special day even years later.

An example of what it will look like (only yours will be much busier with messages)

If you want a custom message board of you both for your special day please get in touch below.

I provide the picture on nice thick paper for you to frame how you wish and display on the day for people to sign. I can look into having it printed onto foam or card if you prefer (let me know in your enquiry).

Your Details

My name is Mikey. Please message me with your caricature commission/gift idea and I’ll get back to you soon.

When is the deadline for this work? I will need to check my availability with other work to see if I am free or can fit it in.

How can I help?

Please tell me your idea of what you are looking for. Feel free to ask any questions .

Please let me know what you budget is on this so I can find a way we can work together on this and what is possible.

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