Ken Bruce Birthday Caricature

Hola Hello and thank you for checking out my Ken Bruce Birthday Caricature post.

It’s Ken Bruce’s 70th Birthday today!

I was commissioned by a member of his production team to create the above Birthday Caricature for the radio DJ legend Ken Bruce. It contains a few references to his life and also features his BBC Radio 2 team: Phil, Richie and Suzie.

I didn’t expect him to be 70 by now, but that said, he has been on Radio 2 for what seems like FOREVER.

Congratulations on standing the test of time, Ken, I hope you keep Pop Mastering for many years to come, I hope you have a happy (albeit socially distanced) birthday and enjoy your caricature.

If you’re looking for a Birthday Caricature like this one then please drop me a line below with what you’re thinking of/looking for and I’ll be happy to help.

Take care, stay safe and healthy and here’s to the restrictive pandemic clouds of 2021 lifting. I can’t wait to get out more again and draw all your lovely faces!

– Mikey

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