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Hola Hello and thank you for checking out my Wedding Caricatures of Kristy and Andrew. This was a Wedding from mid June 2021 out in the countryside between Polesworth and Atherstone.

Congratulations to Kristy and Andrew!

The pandemic restrictions meant the Wedding was outside but in a large tent and with limited amount of people. This actually made the Wedding quite intimate and personal which was a nice vibe but also a nice calm introduction back into my caricature events work after 18 months of waiting for the world to open up again and for my work to return.

The photos (which I cropped a bit to focus in on the people and the caricatures) were taken by and, with the permission from Kristy and Andrew, kindly given to me to use by the photographer Faye Green.

More photos of Wedding Caricatures below…

Yours truly. Ah… so this is what it’s like to have me scrutinising your facial features.
Photo of Faye Green Photograher
Faye Green – Wedding Photographer –

Let’s talk about the talented photographer:

I am personally a fan of photography that is less posey and more capturing the moment.

I’ve seen many photographers at Weddings over the years and I admire those who interact with the guests to capture certain poses as well as take a step back and just let people be themselves and capture the magic of the day.

From the photos I saw from this Wedding, Faye is one of those photographers. She is lovely to talk to, engaging with the guests and talented, so if you need a photographer for your Wedding or event then get in touch with Faye: .

Thank you for reading and if you require my caricatures services for Weddings, parties, corporate events, commissioned bespoke gifts then please get in touch:

– Mikey

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