Fun Wedding Ideas: Decorate your Wedding with Caricatures

Hola Hello and thank you for checking out my Fun Caricatures Wedding Ideas post on decorating your Wedding with caricatures of your guests I have drawn.

I have done this a few times at Weddings or Parties but I haven’t suggested it often enough as it not only looks good but also makes a good talking point to get your guests who don’t know each other to chat and compare caricatures.

It will, of course, be venue dependent as some venues might not have an area suitable to staple or tie up string to hang the caricatures from.

There’s always the option of bluetak on the walls (although it will be venue dependent). I know of safe sticky wall hooks that come of easily and safely if you want me to add that to my kit for the day – just let me know.

That said some people have the smart idea of using easels to display the caricatures as I draw them. So don’t let it stop you having some Fun Wedding Ideas and let’s work together and think outside the box on different ways to display the caricatures on your special day.

Caricature pictures on easel at a Wedding

If you are looking for Fun Wedding Ideas and are interesting in booking my Caricatures Entertainment services to entertain your Wedding guests then get in touch via the contact form below and be sure to mention the idea of hanging the caricatures.

Speak to you soon!

– Mikey

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