Caricature Fun Gift Ideas

Hola Hello and thank you for checking out my post on Caricature Fun Gift Ideas. This will be one of two posts showing ideas for gifts using my caricature skills.

If you’re on a tighter budget but want a caricature as a fun gift idea then this option of black and white head and shoulders picture could be for you. Wouldn’t it be fun for someone to have an A3 framed head and shoulders caricature of themselves hung up pride in place in their home as something to make them smile but also a talking point for those who visit them.

I can also add a message or a caption or speech balloon to add some extra fun referencing something they would recognise. If you are interested in getting a Caricature Fun Gift Ideas picture, I can also do full figure black and white caricatures pictures as well if you want to add a little more in the form of items or a background. Just get in touch via the contact for below…

– Mikey

When is the deadline for this work? I will need to check my availability with other work to see if I am free or can fit it in.

How can I help?

Please tell me your idea of what you are looking for. Feel free to ask any questions .

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