Valentine’s Day

Hola Hello!

Valentine’s Day is not far away and it is often a traditional time to propose to that special someone.

I helped Sam with that proposal when she commissioned me to caricature her and her boyfriend with her asking him to marry her.

He said yes of course! WOO HOO!!

Why not surprise your loved one with a caricature of you both in the location you plan to ask them. Be it Paris, Rome, London, (insert city of your choice) or a resturant or a street or a park… drop me a line with your details and I’ll make it happen! It will be something fun you can frame after and treasure forever.


If it’s just a fun gift you want to give someone on Valentine’s Day I can do this too. Why not make it extra fun and theme the caricature… like Ruth did for her Husband with characters from Game of Thrones:

Or as Richard did for his girlfriend as them both as Superheroes – Superman and Wonder Woman:

Or like Virinder is for her boyfriend draw changing into The Incredible Hulk:


A few ideas for you to think about and inspire you for your Valentine’s Day gift or proposal ideas. …and don’t think I can’t do same sex couples either as I’m open to any fun ideas.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is magical and I hope to work with you soon.


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