Caricatures at The Joshua Ribera Achievement Awards

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Hope you had a good weekend. On Friday I was booked to attend and draw caricatures at The Joshua Ribera Achievement Awards which was organised and run by Alison Cope. Correction: The AMAZING Alison Cope. During the night kids from various backgrounds with various personal struggles were given awards to acknowledge their efforts to get past them and their personal improvements and developments. From kids of troubled backgrounds whose behaviour has them kicked out of schools but with help they have bettered themselves to now attend schools again to kids with mental health/behavioural problems who are working with coping strategies to be able to get on in life.

It was a great event and emotional too. At the end of the caricature booking I sat at the back and listened to Alison’s closing speech and had tears in my eyes. Alison has worked so hard to achieve this amazing event she deserves a million hugs times a million! If you want to know more click the link below.

I felt humbled and honoured to be apart of this  event. Below are some of the people I caricatured during the night.

Someone even tweeted me with them and their caricature:

Well done Alison and I hope The Joshua Ribera Achievement Awards becomes a regular event as many kids out there need encouragement to get past their troubles and problems and help steer them in a better direction.


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