Will You Marry Me?

Hola Hello and thank you for checking out a caricatures update, which is a little different, in which I was booked as part of a marriage proposal in Coventry, outside Coventry Cathedral on Saturday 28/04/2018.

Juned wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a unique way and hired me to set up outside the University of Coventry and Coventry Cathedral and pretend to be drawing caricatures for the general public.

While I waited for them to “conveniently walk by” a nice lady who works at the Cathedral, opening it for a classical concert night, dropped by to enquire what I was doing and I thought I’d give her a freebie to help me look legit should Juned, his girlfriend and her sister walk by.

I forgot to ask her name but thank you for your company and helping me look legit.

Then Juned and company arrived and the drawing began.

It’s was a little tricky drawing while trying not to shiver as it was a bit cold and threatening to rain but I managed in the end. Then I turned my camera on and…

Caricature Marriage Proposal

Congratulations to the happy couple. Remember – I draw caricatures at weddings as well to entertain your wedding guests. If you are looking for a fun marriage proposal or entertainment for your wedding then please drop me a line.

See my live gallery HERE and see what services I offer HERE

If you have never been to Coventry Cathedral I’d suggest you visit. It’s an impressive building which is next to the old cathedral remains.

Until next time…


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