MACH Exhibition 2018

Hola Hello, and welcome to another corporate caricatures update. This time it was for PES Media – an Engineering industry magazine attending the MACH 2018 exhibition at the NEC Birmingham.

From 9 – 12 April I was booked as part as a fun treat for the clients of the magazine to come by their stand and get a framed caricature of themselves.

From existing clients to drumming up new business with new clients, or featuring new companies or new machines in their next issue of their Production Engineering Solutions magazine – many dropped by, had their caricature done and had a giggle.

During the 4 days I was there I was told by my “muses” or “models” that their caricatures would be put up in offices – which is a clever move on PES Media’s part as it will remind companies and clients to subscribe to the magazine with either a physical copy or online. What I was doing also got people’s attention to stop by the stand to see what I was doing and to grab a magazine (possibley for the first time) which will increase the subscription numbers.

There were a few people who seemed nervous (see pic on the left) as they’d never had a caricature before but was all good in the end as they seemed happy.

Some caricatures of the staff were put up on display throughout the days I was there (although some didn’t stick well to the stand wall).

I want to thank Andy for booking me for the 4 days at the PESMedia stand and thank Valerie for looking after me during those days with food, coffees and helping me with framing the caricatures and the rest of the team for being good sports.

If you have an Exhibition, Expo or corporate event you require my services at then visit my Corporate Events section of my website to see what I can offer and let’s discuss ideas.


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