ArtsMile 2019

Hola Hello and thank you for reading about my caricaturing time at ArtsMile 2019 in Harborne, Birmingham.

ArtsMile is a family friendly years arts, craft and music event that has been going for seven years and this year is my second time being involved.

Like last time I was offering free caricatures to the public but in a different location: Hadleigh Estate Agents. The staff were friendly and helpful and one of them even got a caricature.

Below are a few photos I took on the day:

If you wish to see all photos from the event (and spot my ugly mug) you can see them on the ArtsMile Website or Facebook or Instagram or Twitter

Also there’s a video showing the highlights of ArtsMile 2019 (see if you can spot me).

If you have an event you would like me to be involved in please drop me a line below:

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