Pet Caricatures

I don’t just do people caricatures I also do Pet Caricatures.

I was recently commissioned to draw someone’s Boxer Dogs, Storm and Sky, as part of a birthday present. It was a follow up commission as I had done a caricature for this client back in 2016 of their previous pet dogs and a tortoise…
(See below)

Pet caricatures
Previous commission from 2016

They have since got back to me and asked to draw their more recent pet dogs but this time in a Porsche…

(Careful how you drive – he’s a bit of a Road Dog)

2019 Pet Caricatures Commission

Visit my Pet Section of my gallery to see more of my Pet Caricatures.
If you are looking for a unique birthday or Christmas Gift for someone who loves their pets then do drop me a line below…


Your Details

My name is Mikey. Please message me with your caricature commission/gift idea and I’ll get back to you soon.

When is the deadline for this work? I will need to check my availability with other work to see if I am free or can fit it in.

How can I help?

Please tell me your idea of what you are looking for. Feel free to ask any questions .

Please let me know what you budget is on this so I can find a way we can work together on this and what is possible.

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