The Big Draw 2019

Hola Hello I hope you got a note or sketchbook out to draw something during The Big Draw 2019 week this year. No? Shame on you… do it now and everyday from now on (it’s fun to do even if you feel you’re not good).

I was asked by a school in Birmingham to be involved in their “The Big Draw” event they were holding before half term.

There were kids chosen from each year who were sent to where I was set up, I caricatured them and then the kids put them up around the entrance hallway.

It was good fun, it was great to see my caricatures up and around the entrance/hall and it created a real buzz in the school between lessons, at lunch and break times.

A few days later I was back doing a two hour workshop on Caricatures and how you can use them in creating masks as part of the pupil’s art project.

The workshop went well and there was talk of me returning to the school again at a later date.

If you are looking to have an artist come into your school for the next “The Big Draw” event or to inject some new skills and perspective on art lessons then feel free to drop me a line.
Also if you are planning to organise a Big Draw event for 2020 and are looking for artists also drop me a line below.


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