Caricature Wedding Entertainment in Coventry

Hola Hello and thank you for checking out my Caricature Wedding Entertainment in Coventry update.

This was a tricky one. Don’t let my good phone camera fool you – it wasn’t as bright as I had hoped once the lights went down for the disco and I was struggling to see who I was drawing. Thank fully I had discussed with the Bride beforehand about lighting so I had some light but I felt my usual “Frown Of Concentration” was at maximum that night 🤣.

The Wedding guests were VERY merry but none as merry as the Bride herself. 🤣 She was so happy, skipping around, dancing, singing, (good luck to her new husband 😅) but after 2 years of postponing and rearranging and finally getting married she deserves to enjoy her special day.

They were great people and there was some great tunes and I wish I could of just pushed my markers and paper aside and gone up to the dance floor and let loose. …but who would of drawn the caricatures?

Below are a few photos from the night.

Are you getting Married in Coventry or anywhere in the West Midlands? If you’re looking for some fun Caricature Wedding Entertainment then please do fill in my contact form below and I will get back to you with some quotes. Need advice on when during your special day to book my services? I have a section dedicated to Weddings HERE.

Thank you for your interested and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

– Mikey

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