Caricature Wedding Entertainment in Shrewsbury

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This was for the Wedding of Amy and Kris in a rustic setting of Pimhill Barn in Shrewsbury.
Below are some photos of the caricatures I drew on the day.

Can anyone spot “Daniel Craig”?

The Wedding planner/Co-ordinator, Amy (not the Bride), have the great idea of having people pegging up their caricatures on lines of strings for other to see and later for people to take home. It’s a good idea I’ve seen done to my caricatures at some other Weddings but often forget to suggest to the Bride and Groom for the big day itself.

Are you getting Married in Shrewsbury? If you’re looking for some fun Caricature Wedding Entertainment then please do fill in my contact form below and I will get back to you with some quotes.
Need advice and tips on when during your special day to book my services? I have a section dedicated to Weddings HERE.

Thank you for your interested and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

– Mikey

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