Caricature Wedding Entertainment in East Grinstead

Hola Hello, my name is Mikey and thank you for taking time to read my latest update on Caricature Wedding Entertainment in East Grinstead. This Wedding was at Crowne Plaza Felbridge in East Grinstead.

This booking was done through an Entertainment agency in which I don’t have any interaction with the clients/Bride and Groom. I prefer if people deal with me directly so it’s easier to manage the booking and clarify any details much easier on the day.

Without knowing the Groom’s name I had a brief moment of panic when I arrived to see my name on the Wedding Board. “This isn’t a caricature booking… it’s a ruse to marry me off to some random lady!” I thought…

…false alarm! It was another Mikey *PHEW!*

The Bride and Groom were lovely, and their guests were fantastic with many great faces to caricature. The venue was strict on the timings into the Wedding Breakfast so the Bride and Groom didn’t have time to sit for their caricature portrait… but I took a photo of them and drew it there and then as they went in to eat then presented it to them later.
Below are a few photos I remembered to take on the day:

Do you want tips on booking a caricaturist at your Wedding for the best times, set up, etc? Then visit my WEDDINGS section for more information.

If you are having a Wedding in East Grinstead, or nearby, (or anywhere in the country) and are looking for some fun Caricature Wedding Entertainment which will keep the guests giggling and talking even after the Wedding then feel free to get in touch via the form below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

– Mikey

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