Caricatures at Worthing Food & Drink Festival 2023

Hola Hello and thank you for checking out my update on drawing Caricatures at Worthing Food & Drink Festival 2023.
I was fortunate to be involved in this year’s Worthing Food & Drink Festival as an arty addition to the many food stalls and demonstrations. There were a few musicians there as well, although they were at the other side of the festival to me.

The festival was fantastic, with many lovely people, great and helpful organisers and lovely stall holders. If I wasn’t at my caricature drawing area I would have loved to of gone and tasted some of the food there (although it would have to be gluten free for this coeliac boy).

Below are a few photos of the people I caricatured on the day:

I was asked by Cat Burglar Dough Co, who had a stall at the festival, to do my own version of her logo, so I did which was quite fun and a break from the usual caricatures I was drawing for those 2 days…

Hi there, it’s me holding my Cat Burglar Dough Co picture

As an added bonus – here’s a video of the reactions from the day…

Did you notice that even though that video is on my YouTube channel that it is a video from TikTok? Yes I am finally on TikTok if you want to follow me on there then here is: My TikTok

I have lived on the Sussex South Coast for over a year now and I hope that next year I will get myself involved in more local and regional festivals. …maybe even some that involve a tent and camping. I hope to go back to the Caricatures at Worthing Food & Drink Festival but if you know of any please get in touch and let me know.

Until the time time – hasta luego see you later!

– Mikey

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