Birthday Party Entertainment in Brighton and Hove

Hola Hello, it’s great to see you drop by to read up about my Birthday Party Entertainment in Brighton and Hove. If you’re new here – welcome and as you can see I don’t just do Weddings but parties of various kinds (birthday, anniversary, retirement, baby shower, or even parties for the sake of partying).
This was a 40th birthday party for Ryan in which he booked out Block in Kemptown in Brighton to hosts a drinks, caricatures and nightclub party.

Below are many of the caricatures I drew that night and a way of displaying them to great more amusement and a talking point for those who don’t know each other at such events:

The night’s reactions:

I keep meaning to suggest this but keep forgetting and I need to start taking some string and pegs to future bookings in case there is an option to display the caricatures for all to see as it is always a great feature to add to the event and also a talking point and a way to start conversations with people you don’t know and a way to make new friends as you laugh at each other’s caricature portraits:

Caricatures at Birthday Party Entertainment in Brighton and Hove on display

If you are looking for Birthday Party Entertainment in Brighton and Hove or anywhere in the region or the UK then please get in touch as I would love to hear from you.
Halloween is coming up and this would be a great addition to your Halloween party or event and don’t forget that Christmas is also coming up (I’m sorry… too soon? HAHA!) and those personal or even company Christmas parties need some giggles as we head into the next year (oh Mikey shush! It’s still 2023).

I can’t wait to caricature you and your guests at your next party!

– Mikey

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