Wedding Entertainment in the New Forest

Hola Hello and nice to see you and thank you for checking out my post on Wedding Entertainment in the New Forest. This was for the belated Wedding Celebrations of Katie and Steve (as they were married on the year’s eve 2022) at The Pig Hotel in the New Forest, which was a nice venue and the staff are amazing – in case you were looking for venues for your wedding.

Everyone was lovely, there were plenty of beautiful and interesting faces to caricature and below are a few photos from the day:

For future reference to all future clients, Brides and Grooms… I would like my glass of coke to presented on a log please and thank you.

I joke of course. …I just thought the staff’s presentation of my drink was amusing.

VIDEO TIME! Here’s the reactions I got on the day:

If you have a Wedding or Party coming up and you want some fun Wedding Entertainment in the New Forest or nearby areas for your guests as well as something they can take home with them then please get in touch and let’s see how best I can fit into your special day or exciting event.

– Mikey

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